What’s the Maximum Percentage for Tinted Windows in Quebec?

Tinting the windows of your car is to give yourself a break from the heat and UV rays coming constantly from the sun. However, there are laws in place that regulate this practice.

With Dr Tint Vitres teintées, discover the rules you must follow in Quebec with respect to tinted windows.

What the laws say about tinted windows in Quebec

In Quebec, two technical requirements apply to tinted windows. Here they are:

  1. The front side windows of the vehicle must let in at least 70% of light when measured with a photometer.
  2. A strip no more than 15 cm wide may be applied to the top part of the windshield. Except for this strip, no material or substance may be applied or sprayed on the windshield.

As a rule, we must be able to discern the inside of the vehicle and its occupants. Otherwise, the window is probably not letting in at least 70% of light.

It’s also important to note that the rear window and rear side windows are not subject to these rules.

Why are there laws on window tinting?

Windows that are too tinted can compromise your safety. In fact, windows that are too tinted can:

  • Reduce your field of vision
  • Make it difficult to see contrasts
  • Reduce your night vision

To ensure your safety and that of your passengers, it’s important to respect the laws. Otherwise, you risk incurring a fine, which varies depending on the size of your vehicle as well as certain other conditions. 

To have your windows tinted in accordance with the laws, trust your team of professionals in the field: Dr Tint Vitres teintées, that’s seven locations to serve you in Montreal, Laval, the Laurentians, Sainte-Julie, Saint-Hyacinthe and Drummondville.

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