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Decorative Film and Frosted Film with Dr Tint: Architectural

Whether to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of your office, to personalize your front window with specific patterns, logos or designs or to control the amount of light and heat generated by the sun’s rays in your windows, Dr Tint: Architectural, automotive tinted window specialist, also offers a wide range of films that can be adapted according to your needs and designed to be in harmony with your decor.

For a Unique Look, Go for Decorative Film

Thanks to our computerized cutting system, we can customize your film so that it blends in perfectly with your aesthetics:

  • Wide variety of patterns and designs
  • Integration of business logos
  • Custom images
  • Graphics in keeping with your decor

The decorative film can transform ordinary glass surfaces into unique and attractive decorative elements, while reinforcing your company’s brand image.

For Complete Privacy, Choose Frosted Film

Installing a frosted film is an ideal, flexible and much more affordable solution to modernize glass-enclosed spaces than installing fixed partition walls or replacing windows with frosted glass, which can turn out to be very expensive.

By opting for frosted film, you can enjoy a privacy film that keeps curious eyes away while maintaining a bright and open environment. It reduces glare and reflection of sunlight, while letting in natural light and creating a more pleasant, private and comfortable environment.

For Superior Quality, Opt for Dr Tint: Architectural Films

The films are easy to maintain and offer enhanced durability. They can easily be replaced or removed if you decide to rearrange the space or change the decor. 

You’re looking to personalize your environment while making it more private and comfortable?

At Dr Tint: Vitres Teintées Architectural, our teams of experts in Montréal, Laurentides, Saint-Hyacinthe and Drummondville will be happy to help!

Book now. Explore our services. Get your free quote. Benefit from our expertise. Find your perfect tint. Explore our options. Enhance your vehicle. Protect your interior. Choose quality. Consult our specialists.

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