Dr Tint's nano ceramics

Nanotechnology: Unmatched Protection and Durability

Dr. Tint’s nano ceramic truly infuses the pores, creating a genuine protective layer on your paint. Our formula, up to 10 microns thick, is incredibly durable for over 5 years. The nano ceramic treatment exists to shield your vehicle from extreme weather conditions, repelling salt, sand, minerals, and more.

Ceramic Coating: Advanced Formula for Automotive Excellence

This highly advanced formula has been specially developed to meet the high demands of the automotive detailing industry.

It is extremely resistant to corrosion and abrasion. It can be applied to metal, plastic, powder coated and painted surfaces on cars, motorcycles, caravans and boats.

Discover the Benefits of Dr Tint’s Ceramic Treatment:

– Ultra-durable
– Ultra bright
– Stain resistant
– Graffiti resistant
– Graffiti resistant
– Superior abrasion resistance
– Heat resistant up to 750° C
– Cold resistant up to -90 °C
– Oxidation and corrosion resistant
– UV resistant
– Hydrophobic, oleophobic

Moreover, once treated, surfaces become easy to clean and stay cleaner for longer. Discover our automotive ceramic treatment for your car’s ceramic coating in cities such as Montreal, Laval, Laurentides, Drummondville, St-Hyacinthe, and the South Shore. Protect your car’s paint with our hydrophobic coating. Benefit from a long-lasting, professional ceramic treatment based on automotive nanotechnology to preserve the beauty of your vehicle.

Experience Ceramic Coating for Your Vehicle

Visit Dr Tint and experience cutting-edge automotive nanotechnology for unparalleled protection and brilliance for your vehicle or fill out our request form for your nano ceramic auto treatment now.


Dr. Tint Vitres Teintées’ video demonstration provides an informative and accurate overview of our services in nano-ceramic protection. The video highlights our skills and expertise. You can discover the aesthetic and functional benefits of this technique, including protection against UV rays, scratches and contaminants such as water, dirt, dust and more. What’s more, it creates a hydrophobic effect, meaning that water beads and runs off the surface easily, and it can enhance the shine and gloss of the paintwork, giving the car a more attractive appearance.

Questions / Answers

48 hours, in winter as well as in summer.

Yes, however, Dr. Tint Window Tinting uses only the premium urethane film with the proven Venture Shield UV protection coating.

Absolutely not, if film removal is necessary, the adhesive is built to come off with the film. No residue will remain on the paint.

The maintenance of Armure protective films is simple: wash with the same mild soap as your vehicle and rinse with water. Avoid the use of abrasive products and solvents.

Depending on maintenance, they can last as long as your vehicle. To ensure maximum luster, simply wax the films the same way you would wax a car, that is, as often as possible.

Tous les produits Armure sont garantis à vie contre le craquement et le décollage, tant que vous êtes le propriétaire originel du véhicule.

There are several advantages: in the short term, the protective films protect the metal parts of your vehicle against paint chips caused by road debris such as small stones, sand and abrasive products. In addition, in the medium and long term, Armure films prevent the formation of rust where the paint has been damaged.

Protective films protect against any impact that will not deform the body. For example, protective films will not protect against a brick that collides with your vehicle.

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