With Armor protective films,
you are safe!

Protect your vehicle with our protective films

To preserve the condition of your new vehicle against the rigors of the winter climate and the road conditions in Quebec, Armor protective films are an ideal solution. This stone guard, made of urethane and featuring an anti-UV layer, offers effective protection against several threats such as:

  • Rocks and gravel,
  • Insects,
  • Salt,
  • Tar,
  • and debris left on the road.

Their use helps to prevent paint chips, thus maintaining the new appearance of your car. Choosing Armor protective films actively safeguards your investment from road uncertainties.

They also protect your vehicle from scratches caused by parallel parking in urban centers or by handling objects on the trunk sill.

Armor products are computer designed and cut specifically for each vehicle model to perfectly cover vulnerable areas of the vehicle. A standard installation protects your engine hood, the beginning of the front fenders, and the mirrors. For optimal protection, you can also protect other parts of your vehicle, e.g. rear bumper sill, headlights, front bumper.

Armor products are available for all models of cars, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, truck trailers or any equipment subject to road conditions. Compared to traditional plastic deflectors, Armor films are far superior. They do not detract from the original appearance of your vehicle:

No whistling at high speeds
No vibration
No risk of breakage in automatic car washes
No cracks in case of freezing

Armor protective films have been proven for many years. All Armor products are guaranteed 10 years against cracking and peeling, as long as you are the original owner of the vehicle


Demonstration of the installation of a stone guard Armor

Dr. Tint Vitres Teintées’ video demonstration provides an informative and accurate overview of our Armure stone guard installation services. The video highlights our skills and expertise. You can discover the aesthetic and functional benefits of this technique, including UV protection, interior heat reduction and enhanced privacy.

Questions / Answers

48 hours, in winter as well as in summer.

Yes, however, Dr. Tint Window Tinting uses only the premium urethane film with the proven Xpel Ultimate & Suntech UV protection coating.

Absolutely not, if film removal is necessary, the adhesive is built to come off with the film. No residue will remain on the paint.

The maintenance of Armure protective films is simple: wash with the same mild soap as your vehicle and rinse with water. Avoid the use of abrasive products and solvents.

Depending on maintenance, they can last as long as your vehicle. To ensure maximum luster, simply wax the films the same way you would wax a car, that is, as often as possible.

All Armure products are guaranteed 10 years against cracking and delamination as long as you are the original owner of the vehicle.

There are several advantages: in the short term, the protective films protect the metal parts of your vehicle against paint chips caused by road debris such as small stones, sand and abrasive products. In addition, in the medium and long term, Armure films prevent the formation of rust where the paint has been damaged.

Protective films protect against any impact that will not deform the body. For example, protective films will not protect against a brick that collides with your vehicle.

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