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Discover our captivating blog section and dive into a world of specialized knowledge about the unique services offered by Dr. Tint in Montreal. Whether you are seeking information about tinted windows in Montreal, Armor products, or even nano-ceramic protection for your vehicle, you’ve come to the right place.

Benefits of Having Tinted Windows on Your Vehicle

Tinted windows have multiple benefits that you’ll easily notice while you drive your car around. To help you make the right choice, Dr Tint Vitres …

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Why work with a professional for your tinted windows?

You may be wondering if it is worth dealing with a professional or not for your tinted windows. Dr. Tint Vitres Teintées, your specialist in …

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Nissan launches its new SUV

For the allies of the Japanese manufacturer Renault, 2021 will be the year of renewal of its star SUV Qashqai. The third generation of crossover …

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The dangerous rays of the sun

As we know, the dangerous rays of our beautiful sun can cause skin cancer. More and more people are having high quality sunscreen installed on …

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What’s the Maximum Percentage for Tinted Windows in Quebec?

Tinting the windows of your car is to give yourself a break from the heat and UV rays coming constantly from the sun. However, there …

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