Nissan launches its new SUV

For the allies of the Japanese manufacturer Renault, 2021 will be the year of renewal of its star SUV Qashqai. The third generation of crossover pioneers who created a 100% new platform will be eager to return to success.

The brand announced a completely revised design, advanced technology and absolutely powerful vehicles. This important new Nissan will be revealed to the media on February 18. But some new things don’t wait.

To overcome the difficulties, DS4 provides DS Matrix Led Vision lighting, which also has a directional function. They have new light panels attached to the rear. The door handle is flush and blends into the sculpted outline on the side.

The DS4’s wheels can be up to 20 inches, with a chrome touch, wide rear fenders and sharp edges, so they can be assembled and increase the volume. Imagine it with tinted windows, it will look great! For a developing brand, this is a major challenge. Problems shared by DS and other brands.

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